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Miss Sabrina
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Do you dream about being dominated ? But have never found a someone who can fully act out your fantasy how you want it. Or maybe you have visited professional dom’s before and found the whole service was not as you had hoped. Well I offer a range of services to submissive men. In a safe and unhurried and friendly, discreet atmosphere.

I offer a whole range of domination from stockings worship to punishment and every thing else in between.

You chose what you would like and we will try and turn your fantasies into reality. Maybe you want to be feminized and made to suck a straight mans cock? Maybe while I spit roasts you with my strap on? Maybe you you want to be cleaning or restrained or even under the bed while the bull fuck’s his wife? Or is being whipped or punished what you yearn for?

I can accommodate at our fully equipped dungeon near Gatwick Airport. We have a huge range of toys and uniforms and clothes and can fulfill many submissive men’s and women’s fantasies in a safe environment. We are easy and very quick to get to from both Brighton or Clapham Junction (or any London station)

These are some of the services I offer. It probably isn’t all the services we offer but a range that we can adapt for you. You choose what services you would like in a meet and how you would like them and we will make your meet action packed with what you most crave.

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Married Doms
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Do you dream about being dominated by a straight man and woman at the same time? But have never found a couple who can fully act out your fantasy how you want it. Or maybe you have visited professional dom's before and found the whole service was not as you had hoped. Well we are a real dominant couple who offer a range of services to submissive men. In a safe and unhurried and friendly, discreet atmosphere. In a dungeon in Surrey

You choose what you would like and we will try and turn your fantasies into reality. Maybe you want to be feminized and made to suck a straight mans cock, while his wife spit roasts you with her strap on? Maybe you you want to be cleaning or restrained or even under the bed while the bull fuck's his wife? Or is being whipped or punished what you yearn for?

Both of us offer dom services on our own as well as a couple. We are based near Gatwick and can easily travel to London to your place or hotel. We have a huge range of toys and uniforms and clothes and can fulfill many submissive men's and women's fantasies in a safe environment.

If you would like to see pictures feel free to look at some pictures here. Or more importantly I am sure you would like to see what services we are happy to offer, you can do that here. If you like what you see then make a booking with us here and turn your fantasies into reality.

Remember we are both lifestyle dom's and know how to make our subs feel how they want, whether you crave humiliation, control, ownership or just pain. We will administer all or any of these in a sane environment that we all can enjoy.

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Double Domme Destruction

We are two great friends and pro dommes who love to play together. We offer amazing sessions, where we bounce of each other, which means you end up with a great session experience. From double teasing, to double flogging. We love dressing up and have a huge selection of clothes and equipment. Between us there is not much we don't enjoy and offer. We can also bring in a male to offer cuckolding and forced bi

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Mistress Maya
Mistress Name

Greetings, I am Mistress Maya, I’m 25 years old, half British half Portuguese highly educated in the art of domination and seduction, I love being in control and after you experienced me, you’ll always want to come back again and again. You’ve been warned! I’m 5’7”, 115 pounds; I have a toned body and soft skin and my 34D breasts. Are you ready to fall under my spell?

In the realm of BDSM, I relish using my slaves and servants' bodies for my pleasure, adhering to my desires and preferences. Always adorned in stimulating high-end Mistress attire, including lingerie, latex, striking shoes, boots, and fetish wear, I bring an unparalleled level of sophistication to every encounter.

I offer professional BDSM and fetish sessions ranging from fun to severe at my own, private BDSM flat in Central London. I also cater for and enjoy a variety of kinks – anything from mild teasing to much more severe punishment – such as ball busting, pegging, cross-dressing, corporal punishment, ass worship and anything in-between.

Impact play
Sensory Deprivation
Slave training
Worship and Adoration
Nipple torture
Foot, boot, heel domination
Selected role plays
Chastity training
Impact play (Spanking, caning, flogging)
Anal play (Strap on, fisting)
Adult baby
Heavy rubber
Heavy bondage (Rubber, Leather)
Foot worship (Nylon, Bare,Sweaty)
Boot worship
Blood play
Wax play
Pet play
Financial Domination
Nipple play
Sensory deprivation
Smoking fetish
Force feeding
Tie and Tease
Pain and Pleasure (Your Pain my Pleasure)
Cross dressing
Maid training
Interrogation and Kidnap (Indoors)
Foot shoe and Leg Worship
Body Worship/water sports
Face slapping and Spitting
Penis training
Cock and Ball Torture. Isolation techniques
Breath control and restricted breathing
Also I do many many other things on request

I have a huge selection of dildos for strap-on sessions, I'm very experienced and qualified in pegging and dildo training. I provide BDSM for newbies and very experienced slaves interested to be disciplined and trained by a mistress.

I absolutely adore latex and I have an extensive wardrobe of latex pieces and stiletto PVC boots to play with. You will fall to your knees in worship at My beautiful curves and body.

My interests are diverse, spanning from intense and structured play to more relaxed and spontaneous sessions. Upon your arrival, we will engage in a thorough discussion about your interests, ensuring that our session is tailor-made to fulfil your individual needs.

Dress to impress as you embark on the privilege of serving me, Mistress Maya.

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44 7341 604193
Daria Dominatrix
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Hello kinksters, here I'm Daria, based in central London, a very experienced professional dominant (pro dom, dominatrix, disciplinarian, mistress), and kink educator, that has been active in the BDSM lifestyle for more than 5 years, which I believe has given me a great deal of insight, making me a more compassionate and knowledgeable and intuitive Mistress / Domme.  I am also an excellent guide for nervous newcomers so you will be in good hands. I love what I do and I show it. I feel that BDSM can be a vehicle to spiritual awakening and personal healing on several levels and I very much enjoy sharing the joy of BDSM play with others that wish to learn about and experience this wonderful expression of human sexuality. You are more than welcome, obviously in good hands. With Love and kisses Daria Dominatrix.

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Mistress Loren
Mistress Name

For those who truly understand BDSM, it's not just an activity—it's a way of life. That's precisely what it's evolved into for me. I've poured years into mastering the intricate art of BDSM, driven by the desire to provide a haven for desires that often remain hidden. If you're nodding along, get ready because we're about to embark on an exhilarating journey together.

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Miss Hyde
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I am Jessica Hyde, Sadist with a smile, purveyor of filth, and a vision of feral elegance. Towering above you with my bum-length red hair and my cut-glass English accent, I am The Contessa of cruelty and care, in perfect equilibrium.

Passion drives me. Vitality and eroticism are key in my Dominance, peppered with a playfulness that only dancing in the shadows can bring. Sessions with me span across the spectrum of playful, soft erotic exploration, to hardcore pain/pleasure surrender. I take pride in my expertise, and take my time to get to know what you need, and where to probe to open you up.

Whether you know exactly how you need to be humbled, or it's all new and oh so shiny, I want to crack into that mind of yours and find out what happens when the curtains are drawn.

Surrender your shame, bring me your filth. There's so much to explore.

Impact Play, Bondage, Tease, Electro, Breathplay, Watersports, Pegging, Service and Fetish are some of my favourite things, although I've many more tools in my belt to make you squirm and squeal. Just ask, and perhaps you will be immersed in your darkest dreams.

I mostly can be found teasing and tormenting in many of London’s most well-equipped dungeons, though I do tour on occasion, and may entertain a request for sessions in other spaces. I value respectful enquiries, clear communication, and advance bookings. All bookings require a deposit.

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07735 054876 (rarely used however)
Madam Jesè-Belle
Mistress Name

As a Domme, I relish in exploring a wide range of interests with my submissives, but there's nothing quite like administering corporal punishment and restraint. Watching my submissives surrender themselves to me brings me an immense amount of pleasure, and I take pride in training them to understand the true meaning of discipline.

My open-mindedness knows no bounds, so if you have any unique kinks, don't hesitate to bring them up. However, keep in mind that I do not engage in sexual contact. You exist solely to serve and please me, and I expect nothing less.

With my well-behaved submissives, I can be nurturing and kind. But if you cross a boundary, prepare for my vicious side to emerge. I am not afraid to administer punishment when it's necessary.

Safety and consent are paramount in all of my sessions. We will thoroughly discuss all play areas and establish a safe word before beginning. And to ensure a truly meaningful connection, I expect you to provide me with all requested information, including any additional details that may be helpful.

I conduct all of my sessions exclusively across Essex Dungeons in Chelmsford, Shoeburyness and Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

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07355 245697
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1. What sets Mistress Xena apart from other Mistresses? I think maybe my physicality and unique background. From being a Competitive Bodybuilder, Black Belt Martial Artist and tv / movie stunt woman specializing in fighting and sword play. I have even been in a Bond movie!

2. What influenced you to embrace BDSM and become Mistress Xena? Whilst working at a charity event the Sex Maniacs Ball as specialist security I discovered a mind-blowing visual eye-opening world full of wonderful open-minded people....and was hooked!

3. What makes mistress happy? Reconnecting with loyal regulars or meeting interesting newbies, but a satisfyingly skilled barefoot worship session, will always put a smile on my face.

4. How would you describe Mistress Xena’s style? Very early on I was introduced to an artist called Eric Stanton (well worth a Google) and realized most of his drawings were quite similar to me. Shapely, muscular, busty women tormenting puny little men. Tight pencil skirt, high heels, satin blouses, very 50’s aesthetics. Classic Domina style.

5. What equipment do you have in your dungeon? Suspension, Whipping Stool, cage and rack, Custom articulating Bondage Chair, body bags etc and like so many Mistresses all the dildos, whips, clamps and hoods. Where my differs slightly is the aesthetics. The room was designed by a professional movie set designer and boasts red ruched ceiling, wall length mirrors no windows to the outside world, providing a totally immersive escapist fantasy environment.

6. What is your favourite piece of equipment and why? I managed to purchase a brand new violet wand and love it. It can be used safely all over the body, from mild to extreme. It even goes up to 12 unlike most slaves!

7. What would you consider a great session? For me, the fun is being able to key into the slave's fantasy and go on the journey with them. From a hardened Football Fan discovering his Feminine side or a Grown School Boy's ever erratic lines as I lean in closely to a Slave halfway round the world gaining satisfaction by phone or text.

8. What new developments have you got planned for this year? Given the unsettled times, I am concentrating on expanding on my Phone and Text sessions. I am also enjoying reliving all the great photo shoots I have done with slaves and other Mistress’ over the years. The plan is to make the over 20,000 images back catalogue available online soon.

9. What can a slave expect on their first visit? From the first ring of the bell the slave will be invited into my private discreet residence for my exclusive time. Then we will discuss the required type of session and any physical or medical restrictions. They are then offered two choices :

1. get in the dungeon and strip and await for me on their knees.

2 To be left to look at some suitable literature and watch as I descend the stairs in the highest heels and forcibly drag them into the dungeon. This builds up the tension and allows me to get in the right Mistress headspace and their subspace for the session. After, there is always time to use the bathroom and shower and an unhurried debrief before returning to the normal world.

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Miss Doom
Mistress Name

Welcome to my circle of hell. As a succubus of sorts, I infect your thoughts and draw you to me, where you will seek my attention with your complete and utter submission. I take pleasure in not only seeing you squirm beneath the enforcement of my dominance, but also in exploring the most depraved parts of your mind. Your reason for existing is to contribute yourself and your services to me in order to improve the quality of my life. I'm all-consuming.

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07935 398526
Mistress Zanna
Mistress Name

Giantess Mistress Zanna

I love taking control, and towering over you. I am a naturally beautiful giantess goddess that requires worshipping.

I offer sumbissive training to those who approach politely with a good application. I love to watch you moan, wimper and bend to my will. Sessions take place in a fully equipped dungeon setting. Bristol based, often touring London & Glasgow & more. Visit my website for more information & follow me on twitter for updates.

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Mistress Amy
Mistress Name

I may only be a part-time escort, but I am kinky all the time.

Whilst I have long indulged in all aspects of BDSM I am emerging as a mistress who likes to punish bad boys, but who can also switch to become submissive and take a spanking.

Maybe you want a kinky girlfriend with a submissive side…

Maybe you want to meet a naughty little girl who needs a good spanking…

Maybe you want to be psychologically dominated in an experience with an alluring lady who turns out to have a dangerous side…

Maybe you just need to be beaten very thoroughly in an encounter you will remember every time you sit down for a week…

Maybe you have been called to the headmistress’s office…

Maybe you need to be tied up and thoroughly abused until you are begging for mercy…

I can help you make all these fantasies come true.

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This Divine Goddess is here to guide and enslave you as you embark on a journey of surrender, abandonment and ecstasy. Time to explore your limits. Time to obey. Time for punishment.
Whether you are novice or experienced in the world of the Dark Goddess- She instinctively knows where and how to take you.
Tell the Goddess your fantasy, your deepest, darkest desires and she will breathe it into life.
The sweetest surrender - the most fulfilling and wonderful journey of your life.

You will never meet anyone like Goddess Heartstrap. She knows how to control you fully - body - mind - and soul. Hold your breath, feel your heart pound as she strips you and then... ahhh, such sweet anticipation!

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Mistress Eliza
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My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic. A fusion of kindred souls. My instinctive need to control is inextricably linked to my natural predilection for dominance, cerebral agility and sensual seduction. I unleash my creative energy into my sessions.

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