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Miss Sabrina
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Do you dream about being dominated ? But have never found a someone who can fully act out your fantasy how you want it. Or maybe you have visited professional dom’s before and found the whole service was not as you had hoped. Well I offer a range of services to submissive men. In a safe and unhurried and friendly, discreet atmosphere.

I offer a whole range of domination from stockings worship to punishment and every thing else in between.

You chose what you would like and we will try and turn your fantasies into reality. Maybe you want to be feminized and made to suck a straight mans cock? Maybe while I spit roasts you with my strap on? Maybe you you want to be cleaning or restrained or even under the bed while the bull fuck’s his wife? Or is being whipped or punished what you yearn for?

I can accommodate at our fully equipped dungeon near Gatwick Airport. We have a huge range of toys and uniforms and clothes and can fulfill many submissive men’s and women’s fantasies in a safe environment. We are easy and very quick to get to from both Brighton or Clapham Junction (or any London station)

These are some of the services I offer. It probably isn’t all the services we offer but a range that we can adapt for you. You choose what services you would like in a meet and how you would like them and we will make your meet action packed with what you most crave.

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Married Doms
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Do you dream about being dominated by a straight man and woman at the same time? But have never found a couple who can fully act out your fantasy how you want it. Or maybe you have visited professional dom's before and found the whole service was not as you had hoped. Well we are a real dominant couple who offer a range of services to submissive men. In a safe and unhurried and friendly, discreet atmosphere. In a dungeon in Surrey

You choose what you would like and we will try and turn your fantasies into reality. Maybe you want to be feminized and made to suck a straight mans cock, while his wife spit roasts you with her strap on? Maybe you you want to be cleaning or restrained or even under the bed while the bull fuck's his wife? Or is being whipped or punished what you yearn for?

Both of us offer dom services on our own as well as a couple. We are based near Gatwick and can easily travel to London to your place or hotel. We have a huge range of toys and uniforms and clothes and can fulfill many submissive men's and women's fantasies in a safe environment.

If you would like to see pictures feel free to look at some pictures here. Or more importantly I am sure you would like to see what services we are happy to offer, you can do that here. If you like what you see then make a booking with us here and turn your fantasies into reality.

Remember we are both lifestyle dom's and know how to make our subs feel how they want, whether you crave humiliation, control, ownership or just pain. We will administer all or any of these in a sane environment that we all can enjoy.

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Double Domme Destruction

We are two great friends and pro dommes who love to play together. We offer amazing sessions, where we bounce of each other, which means you end up with a great session experience. From double teasing, to double flogging. We love dressing up and have a huge selection of clothes and equipment. Between us there is not much we don't enjoy and offer. We can also bring in a male to offer cuckolding and forced bi

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Mistress Amy
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I may only be a part-time escort, but I am kinky all the time.

Whilst I have long indulged in all aspects of BDSM I am emerging as a mistress who likes to punish bad boys, but who can also switch to become submissive and take a spanking.

Maybe you want a kinky girlfriend with a submissive side…

Maybe you want to meet a naughty little girl who needs a good spanking…

Maybe you want to be psychologically dominated in an experience with an alluring lady who turns out to have a dangerous side…

Maybe you just need to be beaten very thoroughly in an encounter you will remember every time you sit down for a week…

Maybe you have been called to the headmistress’s office…

Maybe you need to be tied up and thoroughly abused until you are begging for mercy…

I can help you make all these fantasies come true.

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This Divine Goddess is here to guide and enslave you as you embark on a journey of surrender, abandonment and ecstasy. Time to explore your limits. Time to obey. Time for punishment.
Whether you are novice or experienced in the world of the Dark Goddess- She instinctively knows where and how to take you.
Tell the Goddess your fantasy, your deepest, darkest desires and she will breathe it into life.
The sweetest surrender - the most fulfilling and wonderful journey of your life.

You will never meet anyone like Goddess Heartstrap. She knows how to control you fully - body - mind - and soul. Hold your breath, feel your heart pound as she strips you and then... ahhh, such sweet anticipation!

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Mistress Eliza
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My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic. A fusion of kindred souls. My instinctive need to control is inextricably linked to my natural predilection for dominance, cerebral agility and sensual seduction. I unleash my creative energy into my sessions.

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Pamela Blonde
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Miss Pamela Blonde is the punk, blow-up, Domme of your dreams. Her killer curves and devilish smile are enough to drive anyone to submission. A wet dream wrapped in silk and safety pins, Pamela’s here to burst your bubble.

Fall in love with this filthy brat, and succumb to her sensual, smokey whispers in your ear. You want to misbehave. You want to be very dirty. And you want to do it, with Pamela Blonde.

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Mistress Sevvven
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For me, being a Dominatrix is not performative, it is not a game or a gimmick. My dominance is authentic, it is integral to my identity. It isn’t just the clothes I wear or titles I assume, it is who I am.

I have been practising BDSM for over a decade, but it is FemDom that is my true passion. It enthrals, excites, inspires and fulfils me. I genuinely love what I do, and derive real pleasure from every interaction with my submissives.

I have an unquenchable thirst for depravity, a terrifyingly creative imagination and an irrepressible desire for psychological control.

My lethally seductive charm and charisma will quickly enchant you, leaving you utterly infatuated and vulnerable to my sadistic desires. I will get into your psyche, corrupt your mind, find your weaknesses and use them against you. You will have no choice but to surrender, to willingly relinquish control and succumb to the all-consuming urge to please me.

My style of domination is a perfect contradiction; brutal and tender, cruel and caring, intense and lighthearted. I am hardcore with a playful edge.

I do not need to raise my voice to get what I want. I like to laugh, to be entertained in my sessions and I have a strong preference for giving praise. But don’t let my joyful nature deceive you. I will transform into a vicious disciplinarian the instant I don’t get what I want. My proclivity to cruelty lies just beneath the surface.

In exchange for your devotion, I offer a safe place to indulge in forbidden desires and the opportunity to win my affection.

Expect to be obsessed, seduced, exposed and denied.


Sessions take place at either my home in North London, or at a fully equipped dungeon space in North East London.

When you make a booking request, you will be required to explain a bit about what you’re interested in exploring with me. If your application is successful, we can spend some time discussing the details, so I have a clearer understanding of your desires and limits.

I have a particular fascination with secret fantasies, obscure fetishes and pushing the boundaries of sexuality, so I am always open to unusual requests. Apart from my hard limits, almost anything is open to negotiation, and the session will be somewhat tailored to your personal interests, with activities varying in intensity based on your experience or limits.

With that said, you will be expected to prioritise my pleasure and needs at all times, and will be required to meet exceptionally high standards of politeness and respect.
At the beginning of all sessions, I will take a moment to check in with you, and give you an opportunity to ask questions, while on your knees at my feet of course. At the end, I will do the same.

Although I do accept one-off bookings, my ultimate goal with every sub is to develop a long-term, meaningful dynamic, so my preference is always for regular sessions. This not only gives us a chance to understand each other better, but creates space for evolution, growth and increased intimacy. Training my subs over long periods of time brings me great satisfaction.

In sessions I offer:
- Bondage
- Impact/Pain
- Foot/boot worship
- Watersports
- Hardsports (separate rates apply)
- Humiliation
- Degradation
- Feminisation
- Edging/Orgasm Denial
- Forced orgasm
- Smoking fetish
- Chastity
- Role Play/Pet Play
- Domestic Servitude
- FinDom

My hard and non-negotiable NO's are:
- Needles
- Race play
- Sounding

Intimate body worship (including facesitting) is reserved exclusively for regular clients and is at my discretion. I don't ever offer penetrative sex.


You can message me by email:
[email protected]

Your message should include:
A bit about yourself
What you’d like to explore
How long you’d like to book for
Incall or dungeon preference

Or you can message with any questions about my services.

*I require a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice for bookings*

If you ask for a same day session, you will be ignored.


In order to secure the booking, I require 50% of the fee to be paid up front.
The remaining 50% is to be paid at any point prior to the start of the session (e.g. on the day, before arrival etc.).

I accept payment via bank transfer or CashApp only.

If we haven’t sessioned before, I may ask for a photograph of your ID for my own safety. This will be deleted after the session is completed.

Mistress Raven Dominese

I am Mistress Raven Dominese of Hertfordshire, a highly experienced English dominatrix who excels in fulfilling the BDSM fantasies of slaves. I like to fully embrace the chemistry between Mistress and slave, to deliver mind blowing one to one domination sessions. I offer a range of BDSM and domination specialities including strap-on play, rubber, latex and leather, edging, bondage, CP, domination and sissy play in my fully equipped dungeon playrooms or domestic setting. When you are in my domain, I will have total and complete control of you. To book an appointment, please call me on 07845 107665.

I host slaves and subs at my very well equipped and discreetly located premises based in the outskirts of London, in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Less than 20 minutes from the M25 and A1M by car, or just 25 minutes from London by train.

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07845 107665
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Moogle Milkx
Mistress Name

Spankers, spankees and switches! All are welcome.

The spanking scene is about respect and consent.

~The shortest way to a Spanko's heart is through her/his sit spots~

Compassionate Spanko. Friendly but firm when needs to be. Hello!

Dear Spankers, if you are a secret switch, that’s okay to desire. I understand that ache. So, please feel free to express yourselves. If you haven’t been allowed to do that in this community, that’s honestly a huge shame. I want you all to be happy in getting your needs/wants thoroughly met. <3

My philosophical thought is that the cost of good behavior is eternal spankings.

Preferably, morning, afternoon and evenings.

I tweet online now! I post about spanking, cute things and share photos. By all means, find me under Moogle Milkx. Loyalfans too!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

My interest in spanking started when I was quite young. I imagined myself being made to bent over the arm of the couch with my bottom bared, the wait seemed endless as did the fantasy.
Exploring, laughing, dressing up, getting to know YOU and sharing this kink is what I want out of this...

I provide a genuine domestic setting in my home, filled with books, plants and knowledge about spanking, art and implements to try out by you or me. This isn’t staged, this is my life and I want to open up my world as it is.

I know that for myself a regular therapeutic spanking is much needed. I definitely get off balance when I don't get that release. I cannot explain how cleansing a great spanking can be for me and I know it’s the same with the spankees I give it too.

The love for spanking will forever grow, and I know there are plenty of you that feel the same way too. Tell me about it. How did it start? What’s the ultimate fantasy?

I’m an experienced, caring but heavily strict switch for all naughty boys and girls. My very own hand will be soft and sharp before I pick up my favourite implements to use on misbehaving bottoms - so be warned! Those that need severe punishment will be taken to limits after we’ve gotten to know each other.

By being a switch, it doesn’t mean that I lose any aspect of being a spankee or Spanker. I will say it intensifies the sensations more in any given scene.

I am what the kinky world affectionately refers to as a "Spanko". Spanking has been a fascination of mine for as long as I can remember. It is ingrained in my DNA. I love all aspects of it, from the power dynamic, to the physical, to the visual; the aural and the tactile; the lecturing and the aftercare.

- MY hairbrushes, YOUR belt, leather/wooden paddle, riding crop, dressage whip, strap, slipper, mini flogger, wooden spoon, carpet beater, ruler and the cane on you (one of my favourite implants to use). I only accept the cane after you’ve earned my trust.

- Ages 25+ are welcome.

- New or full of wisdom in the scene, let’s chat.

- 5 min walk from West Drayton station.

- Close to Heathrow/M25

- No early arrivals as I plan very carefully around work.

- Herbal tea/water/juice and sweets offered.

- All implements laid out to pick and choose.

- As a spanker, I can go hard. Please communicate your limitations. It’s valuable.

- Love to dress up and wear my heels.

- Arnica cream applied for aftercare.

- Everything used is cleaned and treated accordingly.

- Deposit before session.

- Contribution goes towards charity and transport.

- All levels catered for, respected and discussed before play.

- No sexual contact/services.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I value communication and finding out exactly what you want in a session. There will be times I won't be able to switch on the same day as you easily fall into a different headspace. However, when I Top, I'm authoritatively strict and scold so you understand your behaviour was wrong.
Bottoming is quite sassy and would benefit for a daddy figure to give me a long spanking. My practice is to keep things safe, sane and consensual at all times, otherwise, trust and respect will falter.

Outside of kink, I love being around people who, like me, get their kicks from curiosity, open mindedness, authenticity and big doses of silliness. 🙂

I enjoy walking, climbing, being out in nature, learning new things, reading, gaming, short-lived craft projects.

I’d say my communication style is open, honest, and pretty direct with my heart on my sleeve.

(For those that have kindly met me and contributed in my spanking endeavours, you've helped me and the people/children/animals that I help along my own personal journey. You know how passionate I am about certain matters and I so would like to express my gratitude towards your generosity).

Be excellent to each other.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

EMAILS: I get quite a bit of attention due to many factors but if I have given you my email, please don’t message here as it gets confusing and I lose track. If you haven’t received anything from me, patience is something to practice as I am busy outside of this world too. I hope you understand. If you persists to harass me on here to read my emails, I’ll have to ignore it altogether as it leads to stress. You won’t get emails from me on Sundays as it’s my only afternoon/evening off.

ARRIVALS: If you are early, I will have to ask you to be mindful that part of my work consists of working with vulnerable people on video chat. I have to keep things separate for confidentiality reasons. I’m always at home waiting for a session and extremely timely too, please be the same.

SPANKNET MESSAGES: Sometimes my friend Eve will reply to some of you or block you if she feels the messages aren’t worth my dedication.

ROMANCE: If you’d like to see where it might go, who knows. Finding a good man would be nice. 30s +

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Carina DeMedici
Mistress Name

Domination is an experience of the mind and an escapism from the real world. As a Mistress who seeks to enjoy her sessions on a mental level as well as physical, I enjoy meeting with submissives who also enjoy the creation of scenarios and fantasy. Creativity is a driving force for Me. I like when no two sessions are ever the same. A submissive that treats a session like a canvas with which to throw paint at My idea of a fantastic time...

At 5'3 with long dark brown hair and an hourglass figure, I adore vintage glamour. The femme fatale you could never have. In a busy world I do believe that some men, more than most, need a little discipline. I understand, more than most, the stress of your life. I know just how much you need to give up and relinquish all your control to women like Me.

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Mistress Kara Krosse
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Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Liverpool Mistress Kara Krosse will push your boundaries and you will enjoy every second of it.

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