Mistress Sevvven

Mistress Sevvven


For me, being a Dominatrix is not performative, it is not a game or a gimmick. My dominance is authentic, it is integral to my identity. It isn’t just the clothes I wear or titles I assume, it is who I am.

I have been practising BDSM for over a decade, but it is FemDom that is my true passion. It enthrals, excites, inspires and fulfils me. I genuinely love what I do, and derive real pleasure from every interaction with my submissives.

I have an unquenchable thirst for depravity, a terrifyingly creative imagination and an irrepressible desire for psychological control.

My lethally seductive charm and charisma will quickly enchant you, leaving you utterly infatuated and vulnerable to my sadistic desires. I will get into your psyche, corrupt your mind, find your weaknesses and use them against you. You will have no choice but to surrender, to willingly relinquish control and succumb to the all-consuming urge to please me.

My style of domination is a perfect contradiction; brutal and tender, cruel and caring, intense and lighthearted. I am hardcore with a playful edge.

I do not need to raise my voice to get what I want. I like to laugh, to be entertained in my sessions and I have a strong preference for giving praise. But don’t let my joyful nature deceive you. I will transform into a vicious disciplinarian the instant I don’t get what I want. My proclivity to cruelty lies just beneath the surface.

In exchange for your devotion, I offer a safe place to indulge in forbidden desires and the opportunity to win my affection.

Expect to be obsessed, seduced, exposed and denied.


Sessions take place at either my home in North London, or at a fully equipped dungeon space in North East London.

When you make a booking request, you will be required to explain a bit about what you’re interested in exploring with me. If your application is successful, we can spend some time discussing the details, so I have a clearer understanding of your desires and limits.

I have a particular fascination with secret fantasies, obscure fetishes and pushing the boundaries of sexuality, so I am always open to unusual requests. Apart from my hard limits, almost anything is open to negotiation, and the session will be somewhat tailored to your personal interests, with activities varying in intensity based on your experience or limits.

With that said, you will be expected to prioritise my pleasure and needs at all times, and will be required to meet exceptionally high standards of politeness and respect.
At the beginning of all sessions, I will take a moment to check in with you, and give you an opportunity to ask questions, while on your knees at my feet of course. At the end, I will do the same.

Although I do accept one-off bookings, my ultimate goal with every sub is to develop a long-term, meaningful dynamic, so my preference is always for regular sessions. This not only gives us a chance to understand each other better, but creates space for evolution, growth and increased intimacy. Training my subs over long periods of time brings me great satisfaction.

In sessions I offer:
- Bondage
- Impact/Pain
- Foot/boot worship
- Watersports
- Hardsports (separate rates apply)
- Pegging
- Humiliation
- Degradation
- Feminisation
- Edging/Orgasm Denial
- Forced orgasm
- Smoking fetish
- Chastity
- Role Play/Pet Play
- Domestic Servitude
- FinDom

My hard and non-negotiable NO's are:
- Needles
- Race play
- Sounding

Intimate body worship (including face sitting) is reserved exclusively for regular clients and is at my discretion. I don't ever offer penetrative sex.


You can message me by email:
sevvvenbookings @ gmail.com

Your message should include:
A bit about yourself
What you’d like to explore
How long you’d like to book for
Incall or dungeon preference

Or you can message with any questions about my services.

*I require a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice for bookings*

If you ask for a same day session, you will be ignored.


In order to secure the booking, I require 50% of the fee to be paid up front.
The remaining 50% is to be paid at any point prior to the start of the session (e.g. on the day, before arrival etc.).

I accept payment via bank transfer or CashApp only.

If we haven’t sessioned before, I may ask for a photograph of your ID for my own safety. This will be deleted after the session is completed.

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  • Mistress Sevvven
  • Mistress Sevvven