Domina Jemma

Suck It

Stunning professional Dominatrix with more than 17 years international experience, I have my own fully equipped, professional and private dungeon in east Bristol, and am frequently available in London, Birmingham and Derby.

I am skilled in and enjoy the majority of BDSM/Fetish practices, but particularly enjoy all forms of bondage (especially rope bondage and suspensions), all forms of anal play from beginner to extreme, forced bi, foot fetish and trampling, impact play / corporal punishment, watersports, role play and leather worship.
I do not accept sessions of scat or adult babies, or anything so extreme it could cause damage to your body.

I am extremely well versed at introducing newbies to this world, so don't be scared!

I offer many specialised sessions - a forced bi group session on the first Wednesday of every month, extended caging & imprisonment sessions, sissy training, overnights and kidnap/interrogation.

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