Mistress Firefly

Fetish aficionado Firefly.

Professional BDSM Dominatrix and Fetish aficionado of West Yorkshire; Leeds Mistress Firefly will excite, terrify and torment any human-toy that is worthy of being in Her presence. Mistress Firefly is notorious for being ‘the popper of cherries, the benefactress of BDSM badassery and the executioner of Fetish fantasies, tearing down boundaries, breaking all the rules and being outrageously fun, fierce and fabulous, this Mistress will open your private Pandora’s box and send you head first into a frenzied abyss.
Leeds Mistress Firefly owns The Leeds BDSM Playroom, Leeds West Yorkshire. The Playroom is and always has been a sterile, private and fully equipped establishment including a full wardrobe for dressing services. Double Female Domination is also available.

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