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Mistress Kara Krosse
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Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Liverpool Mistress Kara Krosse will push your boundaries and you will enjoy every second of it.

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Countess Odelia
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I’m Countess Odelia / fkinfairy – a professional and lifestyle kinkster from London, living, working, thriving, and playing in Manchester!

I’m a queer content creator and professional domme, co-host of KinQ, and lover of perversion! I enjoy exploring a wide range of kinks – anything taboo that feels wrong and filthy will probably turn me on! I offer real time domination, as well as premade content on subscription and clip sites, custom content, used and bodily items, and live online services.

My domination style mixes a naturally nurturing personality and a perverted passion for all things extreme, meaning I thrive in a variety of dominant settings. From sadistic impact play, to sensual pegging, humiliating watersports, to caring mommy domme ABDL, and so much in between – I love it all! Maybe one day my domination style will narrow down, but for now, I’m loving being greedy and having it all!

I also love working alongside other dommes! I regularly work with TheKinkFaerieX, who is also my best friend. Because of this, we have a very natural and relaxed dynamic when working together, bouncing off of each other with amazing chemistry and connection.

Most of my real-time sessions are hosted at The Manchester Chambers, in Ashton-Under-Lyne – a dungeon with fantastic facilities for all sorts of filthy fun. With spanking benches, cages, swings, beds, toys, bondage gear, mirrors, toilet boxes, and so much more, there’s not much we can’t get up to there! Outcalls are available at my discretion, for kinks not available at the dungeon, longer sessions, or regular clients.

Although I love a wide array of kinks, everyone has limits, and I’m no exception. My limits as a dominant include homophobia, transphobia, race play, non christian/catholic blasphemy, and bare foot worship.

To book a session with me, visit my website and fill out my session request form. I’m happy to answer questions before sessions are booked, but will not put up with excessive messaging or invasive questions without a tribute or booking in place.

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Mistress Allanna is Confident, Classy and well educated and with a strong desire for perfection.l genuinely love what l do and l do it very well.l take pride in my appearance’s, manicured red nails, elegant make-up and the ideal outfit for the occasion.
Demanding & strict yet sensual and seductive. Most would say l am a snob, elegant yet kinky with a twisted dark side.
I carry myself like a lady.But at times can whisper the naughtiest of things to you as well as use strong commands that will bring you to your knees.

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Mistress Adira
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I am an intuitive Dominatrix with a natural penchant for teasing and tormenting.

My style is somewhat eclectic, ranging from sensual to strict, depending on how I feel is the most effective way I can best get deep into the psyche of My submissives.

I have a wide range of interests within BDSM and fetish which is ever-growing, however, My personal favourites are Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, and Humiliation based kink, including pure straight-up degradation.

I have included a non-exhaustive list here. Please note that I am always interested in learning about something new.

If you want to play together, check out my kinks page to see if we have kinks in common, then get in touch via my contact page.

I recommend you read up on my standards before contacting me, as I will ignore any messages that I deem impolite or pointless.

My session premises are in Manchester, just outside of the city centre.

I do not offer ANY sexual services or intimate body worship, so don’t waste My time asking.

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07526 525 076
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Experienced femdom goddess
Time to relinquish control
Im a perfect blend of cruel and caring
My curvaceous figure will be dressed in either pvc, leather or latex with stockings&suspenders and dangerously high heels/boots to match.

I just love to dominate whilst teasing you with my smoking hot figure.
I offer either a sensual/erotic domination experience which is quite gentle on you or a more sadistic session to include lots of spitting,spanking, face slapping and verbal degradation
I am an open minded lady so there is
No need to attempt to bury your deepest darkest desires….I can satisfy them in a way that satisfies me

Intuitive as I am, I am definitely not a mind reader so give me as much detail about your fetish interests as you can then we will discuss your desires and needs along with my own terms and conditions.

Domination Services I offer
Foot Fetish
Oily foot job
Human foot rest
Ass worship
Face sitting/extreme face sit/smothering
Dirty talk
Anal training
Anal sluts
A play
Nipple clamps
Face fucking – with my strap on
Bed restraints/blindfold – on you of course
Sissy make over and lesbian play
Panty sniffing
Tease and denial
Pvc boot worship
Verbal degradation
Tormenting you hot wax
Shopping trips (you must have a session with me online or in person before I meet you for this)
Hand relief

Send me an email and introduce yourself 🖤

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Mistress Nichol
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Sensually sadistic Manchester Mistress with over 2 decades of experience.. just waiting for you… Seasoned or brand new submissives .. you are welcome whatever your background. In-person sessions offered within a residential setting, fully equipped with a cage, bondage bench and a divine sensual atmosphere. Gaze upon my curvaceous feminine figure and feel me work your mind and body like my newest puppet. I cannot wait to play with you!

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Miss Bailey
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Welcome, I am Miss Bailey, an Elite, Experienced, Sensual Mistress & Roleplay Specialist, with my own fully equipped, private discreet premises. I offer one to one power exchange/FemDom/CFNM/Feminisation sessions. I am selective about who I see but you will find Me very warm, friendly and approachable if you treat Me correctly.

A curvaceous Mistress in My early 40’s, I am very experienced with over 10 years of full time sessioning under my belt and a stable of loyal slaves.

I am not a cold, shouty Mistress and prefer the seductive, nurturing, sensual but firm approach. One look into My hypnotic eyes and I will have you under My spell. I use a great deal of eye contact and love the psychological aspect of Domination, I believe sessions should always be fun and you will see Me smiling and laughing more often than scowling…..if not, you are doing something wrong ;). I have a calm and bewitching aura. 

That being said I demand respect, I am very intelligent and believe in traditional gentlemanly values, I like being treated like a lady, and yes I am a Professional Dominatrix but remember being in My presence is an honour and if you do not approach Me in the correct way I will not agree to see you, I take great pride in what I do and I will never participate in sessions I don’t enjoy. 

From Mild tie and tease to strict roleplay sessions,  I enjoy all, I have a very Cruel sense of humour when needed and a sadistic streak when I can see you responding well to My torment, however sessions do not have to involve pain or humiliation. 

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Princess Jessika
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Young, seductively beautiful, playfully strict lifestyle and professional Domina, the wonderful world of BDSM has always held a particular fascination for Myself. At the tender age of 18, I fell naturally into the role of Dominant after meeting My first slave. Together our D/s lifestyle developed and to this day, we are still very much Mistress and slave.
I am a dominant young woman who also possesses empathy, compassion and a nurturing disposition – that much sought after perfect and rare combination. I adore the power and responsibility that being in control gives Me, and I believe in connecting deeply with My playthings. Having fun is the most important factor, and I take great pleasure in constructing elaborate and successful role-play scenes.
Adept with both physical punishment and psychological control, I love mind games and to humiliate, tease and torment you, and leave you begging for more as you become more and more addicted to me and My playful sadism. Completely enjoying My power over you, I may trample you, tie you up, or gag you and beat you. The possibilities are endless and each session unique to your interests and desires which can be discussed and explored together, discreetly.
Connection is everything, and I understand what is inside your mind when you reveal your fantasies and darkest desires to Me. I enjoy inflicting physical punishment on your vulnerable body using a variety of implements from paddles to floggers. I will hurt a masochist and humiliate a submissive.
Cruel, playful and sensual seductress that knows exactly how to get her way every… single… time. She will get inside your head and break you; physically and psychologically and take immense pleasure in your suffering for Her.
A true femme fatale that will get inside your mind, your body and dig deep into your deepest desires and fears and create an experience that is completely unforgettable.

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Indian Mistress UK
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Start by thanking me, your Indian Goddess for making you this site to enjoy.
You’re so pathetic and useless you don’t even deserve it.
Why should I give you so much pleasure in reading my words and seeing my body when you have done nothing for me?
Your only purpose in life now is to serve, obey, worship and give me every penny you earn.
Do you understand that my worthless slaves?

I’m what you want, need, seek and desire to have in your pathetic life. The definition of a fierce and dominating woman. Your place is beneath my stiletto heels and I will make sure you always know who’s in charge. I command the room when I enter and my presence will be forever imprinted in your puny brain. You will be engulfed in the sexual energy that oozes from my pores. My beauty will captivate you, making you fall into a trance of submission. I cater to most types of kinks, fetishes, taboos, bdsm and the weird, so don’t be afraid to explore your wild side with me.

Have a look at my website for all the information you could need to submit to me

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Manchester Mistress Nyx
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Manchester Mistress Nyx – a self-confessed, life-long sexual deviant and adept governor of men, is a highly experienced, devilishly imaginative and talented lifestyle pervert, covering virtually all aspects of Domination, ranging from sensual teasing to more heavy and extreme play…

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07946 075501
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Nanny Eva
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Nanny Eva is a naturally dominant lifestyle fetishist with many years experience both in her private life and professionally. She embraces the erotically bizarre. Her reputation as a role-play artisan and adept infantaliser and sissifier precedes Her.

She will reduce you to an infantile state.. a sissy.. a school boy.. an adult baby.

Forced into attire befitting your reassigned status..
Be-nappied, belittled and gagged with a dummy,
she restrains you ,
Parades you
Trains you to her whim

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07946 075501
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Mistress Luci White
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I am Mistress Luci White! A young, mischievous, seductive and very sensual Dominatrix from South Manchester. Resident Mistress at Stockport Dungeon. With My blonde hair, impeccably placed, I am petite with the looks of an angel. However don’t be fooled, behind the petite beautiful exterior lies a cruel sadistically intrigued Dominant. Determined to make your dream turn into a painful or humiliating nightmare.

Harbouring a devious and creative streak that no one would imagine on first sight. My skills and experience ensure any slave who enters My lair will undoubtedly find themselves embarking on an intense journey. Alongside My deliciously cruel streak I use My beauty and body, to tease and coax My adoring slaves. Ensuring that most amazing balance between pleasure and sufferance – the ultimate beautiful femme fatale.

A presence and beauty that will take your breath away, My Northern roots reveal a down to earth straight talking approach, creating a unique encounter for all who kneel before Me ensuring each experience is tailored for My slaves to maximise both their need for punishment and enjoyment.

I am equally comfortable using My stunning beauty to tease and frustrate as I am torturing the hardened pain fetishist or humbling those who crave humiliation. Naturally Dominant, I control and authority oozes from within My petite frame.

I know the mind of a submissive……….

………and I understand what it takes to dedicate yourself to a Mistress. Don’t underestimate my power!

I  welcome new and returning slaves to My lavishly equipped Dungeon. With a wide range of equipment to cater for most tastes. Once entering, My presence has slaves under My spell.

Building on O/our relationship with each session, Once met, never forgotten.

I can also facilitate a more domestic environment for those who prefer such, in central Manchester.

Although based in Stockport I do travel to places in Leeds, Chester and Merseyside.

Manchester Mistress Luci

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Mistress Dahlia Deletere

Your Sweetest Nightmare…

Professional Mistress with an unquenchable fascination for the human body & mind and an unnerving ability to get into the psyche’s of her possessions & pets.

Both a sweet sadist who adores taunting & tormenting her toys & sensual seductress; Experienced in the art of Eroticism. I have researched psycho-sexuality and Tantric therapy extensively & I have an in depth understanding of erogenous anatomy and energy, adding a unique dimension of intensity into My in person sessions.

Dahlia’s bloom in an array of beautiful varieties

Foot worship & foot domination of all persuasions

Renowned sissy stylist – Highly skilled at make up

Corporal Punishment & Florentine Flogging

Latex body to body massage.

Heavy Humiliation & Dirty Degradation.

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