Mistresses in South West

Mistress April  is waiting.
Mistress Name: Mistress April

Mature, sexy and very experienced.
All roleplay and scenarios catered for, come and try something different !!
Private house in Taunton fully equipped.
7 days a week from 10am-8pm

Mistress Phone Number : 07875151611


Mistress Website Address: http://www.lifestylemistress.co.uk
Mistress Phone Number : 07786 018480
Suck It
Mistress Name: Domina Jemma

Stunning professional Dominatrix with more than 17 years international experience, I have my own fully equipped, professional and private dungeon in east Bristol, and am frequently available in London, Birmingham and Derby.

I am skilled in and enjoy the majority of BDSM/Fetish practices, but particularly enjoy all forms of bondage (especially rope bondage and suspensions), all forms of anal play from beginner to extreme, forced bi, foot fetish and trampling, impact play / corporal punishment, watersports, role play and leather worship.
I do not accept sessions of scat or adult babies, or anything so extreme it could cause damage to your body.

I am extremely well versed at introducing newbies to this world, so don’t be scared!

I offer many specialised sessions – a forced bi group session on the first Wednesday of every month, extended caging & imprisonment sessions, sissy training, overnights and kidnap/interrogation.

Mistress Website Address: http://www.dominajemma.co.uk
Mistress Phone Number : 07535653979
Goddess Ana
Mistress Name: Goddess Ana

I create the ultimate fantasy for my subs and slaves. I am ready to shatter your will and make you mine. Slaves worship me, brats break under me.

Mistress Website Address: http://goddessana.com
Mistress Phone Number : 07451211785
Cat suit slashed to the waist to show off my cleavage
Mistress Name: Mistress Isabella

I am Isabella, a slim, beautiful, sensual yet sadistic Goddess. I offer high class BDSM & fetish services from my luxury discrete premises in N Wiltshire to males, females and couples. Those who have been bad will be punished, those who need to be taught will learn. If you have desires to be corrected then come learn in the delights of CP, there is nothing I like more than to wield the cane and whip from moderate to severe. It gives me great pleasure turning your fantasies into reality, whether you are an experienced player or a novice taking your first steps into my erotic world of BDSM, role play and fetish. I really enjoy and thrive on many different types of BDSM & fetish sessions and will consider most requests/scenarios. I also have a submissive female slave just gagging to obey your commands. The question is “Are you worthy of my precious time?”

Mistress Website Address: http://www.ladyisabella.co.uk
Mistress Phone Number : 07977796225
Mistress Appleseed
Mistress Name: Mistress Appleseed

Plymouth based mistress over twenty years experience, i cover most kinks and fetishes. I have my own fully equipped dungeon and medical clinic i have top of the line toys you name it I’ve probably got it, new things arriving every month

Mistress Phone Number : 07572785219
Mistress Claire Delacroix

Now based in Bristol, I am a Premier Italian Mistress. The elegance, sophistication and beauty of My native Italy is reflected in My angelic beauty. My sinful nature will have You worshipping Me devoutly: head bowed, at My feet. You will succumb to My real, high classed, strict and sadistic whims. I will have you crawl obediently into My fully equipped dungeon. I also tour, both in the UK and abroad, to give all you other creatures an opportunity to submit and worship, to show your respect to a Lady of My standing and beauty.

Mistress Website Address: https://mistressclairedelacroix.com
Mistress Phone Number : +44 7857 747574
Empress Akari
Mistress Name: Empress Akari

I am elegant, sophisticated, loved and feared but above all, Dominant. 

I command respect from those around me with ease, after all, it is my natural disposition. A true Dominant does not need to shout or speak obscenities to unlock the submissive inside of you. A tug of your hair, pulling your ear close to my lips and a whisper is enough to send a shiver down your spine and fall weak to your knees. 

The world of BDSM is vast and wide, with many avenues to explore. Finding what suits and exploring it safely in my capable hands is an experience like no other. Whether you wish to understand masochism further or explore the various kinks and fetishes, my knowledge and experience is extensive. 

Learning about who you are, the depths of BDSM and what it means to you are questions that many submissives wish to explore, knowing more about oneself will allow you to experience the joys of submission more freely. If you are experiencing BDSM for the first time, I will calm your nerves and guide the way with a firm, yet gentle hand and understanding. If you have experience, I will take you further beyond what you had previously imagined.

The exchange of power between two people can be the ultimate high, the pinnacle of mental and physical exertion and that moment of catharsis that you so long for. The key is given to those who truly wish to open that door. Tread with confidence yet trepidation and that door may open more to you than that in your wildest dreams.

I have developed my vocation over a number of years, honing my skills and learning about myself in the process. I have had a number of people serve me over the years and through that experience, I know exactly what I want and who I do not want. For that reason, I am exclusive allowing only selected submissives the privilege of serving me. This requires hard work, effort and an open mind. I offer my submissives the opportunity to flourish under my guidance. 

Taking the first step is always the hardest and that is why there are guides on my website. Although I do not take everyone on board, I do give those who act in accordance with my guidelines the opportunity to show me their worth. Contact me via email or my website if you feel as though you have these qualities. Most of all, be yourself, bring your authenticity and honesty. I see straight through the ones who do not.  

~ Empress Akari

Mistress Website Address: http://www.EmpressAkari.com
Lady K
Mistress Name: Lady K

Welcome . Take a long deep breath. Exhale fully . Now . Trust and prepare to Submit . Your adventure starts here and you have finally found exactly who you have been searching for.

I invite you to enter my exclusive world of pleasure and pain. I will guide you into A domain that mentally manipulates your psyche and lead you into a physical playground full of fun excitement, fear and fantasy.

About me :
I’m a complex, yet grounded dominant femme fatale Goddess. My personality has many spectrum’s , from deeply spiritual and well learned , to a bratty bitch who always gets what she wants. I play each character dependant on what I know will trigger you .

I ’m physically fit , health conscious, a fashion hobbyist and well-connected . I am educated in psychology practiced at reading people’s minds,body language and energy . I’m certified in Reiki , Personal Training have a degree in business and marketing And am a qualified NLP Practitioner .Neuro linguistic programming has not only been used as a psychotherapeutic tool it is also used to gain influence over other people.

It takes someone extremely special to actualize alpha female qualities and traits . It takes holistic education , emotional intelligence a non conformist attitude And A delicate balance between cut-throat cruelty and deeply warming and seductive sensuality that’s perfectly executed and timed .

I conduct my sessions in a spacious and discreet suburban location with plentiful safe parking , bath and shower facilities .There are always toiletries ,fresh towels and refreshments available . I have a Private well equip t and designed BDSM home Boudoir Studio as well as a domestic standard setting for those who like a little less of a dungeon theme .

I cater to all ages, sexual identities, cultures, religions, genders, shapes, sizes and of course people with a lack of physical or mental capabilities.

Please take the time to read all pages of this website thoroughly to make sure that your interests are compatible with mine.


£100 half hour
£150 1 hour
£250 2hours
£350 3 hours

Mistress Website Address: Website
Mistress Phone Number : 4407808665058
Mistress Louise
Mistress Name: Mistress Louise

I am an experienced Mistress with my own dungeon in central Bristol. With over 20 years of experience as a Dominatrix, you can be sure that I will be able to capture your mind and body while we are in session.

I am entirely discrete and what happens in session in strictly between the two of us. For practical reasons, I am unfortunately unable to entertain disabled clients in my cellar dungeon. My preference is also for more mature slaves, so if you are under 35 years of age please look elsewhere for your bdsm fun.

I am an understanding Mistress with a flexible approach to sessions, so each meeting is tailored to fit an individual submissive. We will of course discuss your needs and ‘likes’ beforehand, and agree something that is to our mutual satisfaction. That way we can be sure that our session with be safe and mutually satisfying.

My website gives full particulars of what I offer, so feel free to visit and peruse the pages.

Mistress Website Address: http://www.mistresslouise.co.uk/
Mistress Phone Number : 07702307585
Mistress Melia
Mistress Name: Mistress Melia

A petite redhead with a natural ability to Dominate your world.

Mistress Website Address: http://MistressMelia.co.uk
Mistress Phone Number : 07483127880