Coco Novaa
Mistress Name

My name is Mistress CococNovaa. Born, raised and live/work in LONDON as a dominatrix, I discovered my dominance demeanour when I was only 17 yrs. I was on the train to see a friend and a man was so memorizes by me, wanted me to dominate him. Long story short I received a £1500 laptop as a tribute to my time and studies. Weekly I had subs paying for my bills without needing to even blink an eye.

I am a university graduate of a 2:1 in design course, my charisma, worth ethic and beauty steers subservience, my intelligence and wit will infect your soul and keep you on toes. My crushing confidence and seductive voice will keep you firmly in your place - under my feet.

My preference is to develop long-lasting connections with dedicated submissive, as I have in the past. No two submissive men can be treated the same - if domination were this simple I would’ve got bored by now!

Whatever your level of experience, I will enjoy taking control of you. My irresistible presence and skillful manipulation will make you eager to expose the most hidden depths of your submissive nature.

I value discretion and respect and will show them to as much as you show them to me. I do not allow you to take pictures or videos of me during a scene. I will never take pictures or videos of you without your express permission - but I love to record our play when you consent to it! I will not include my face in any photos or videos.

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