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kountess Von Kink
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Brighton Dominatrix
Foot Goddess Fetish Actress Femme Fatale Taboo Breaker Sissy Coach International Dominatrix Mature Mistress StepMother Seductress

My name is Kountess Von Kink, you may address me as Kountess, Mistress, Goddess or Queen. I am an Elite British Dominatrix. Glamorous, Seductive, Alpha, Kinky. A bohemian free spirit and the personification of the playful but dangerous Femme Fatale. At a young age I discovered my Fierce Femininity enabled me to torment boys for my own amusement. As the years progressed it became obvious I was superior to males and would rule over them. To influence and manipulate them for my benefit and their own good was clearly my calling.

If you are imagining me to be a stereotypical Mistress, a cold cruel Bitch who only wants to hurt and humiliate you, think again. BDSM is only a fraction of my repertoire. Yes, I demand to be in charge and you must surrender and do as I say, but time spent with me is playtime and in my sessions I’m sensual and playful as much as I’m sadistic.

As much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress using my acting skills to create Role plays that feel authentic. A Lifestyle Foot Goddess with a passion for foot worship. A sissy coach who can totally feminize you as well as a Therapist who will help you accept your desires are not shameful and it’s good for your emotional well-being to explore them.

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Latex & PVC thigh boots, throne in my Dungeon
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I am MISTRESS ORCHID, the North East Mistress & Dominatrix, Scottish born & bred with my own BDSM dungeon playroom. I can be softly spoken, kind & sensual as I take control of your mind and body. Or I can be your worst nightmare...a coarse & cruel tormentress, depriving you of your pleasure until I'VE gained satisfaction, not you. I am a Sexy Domme who relishes the company of subserviant males,over the age of 40, with a particular interest in Tie & Tease, Sensory Play, Forced-Bi & Feminisation. Do YOU have a secret desire for ME to take complete control?

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07391 075758
The Cruel Adventuress
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Taking the dark craft of FemDom, I have, over the years, honed it and used it to My advantage. I love nothing more than to be both served and worshiped; so know your place, take your place and you might just, somehow, benefit from being amidst and subject to, the games I so love to play.

Consider me a true English Domme (of both English & Caribbean heritage), with over 10 years experience in serious BDSM & fetish play, who loves nothing more than a sub at her heel, in her shadow and ultimately under her control. Entering professional "Mistressing" as a lifestyle Domme I still thrive off longer engagements with slaves/subs/sissies; the idea of a "new project" becomes even greater a thrill. Like a fine wine I've enriched with time with regard to My looks, figure & practice. Here are My stats:

From blackmail scenarios and chastity programmes to a good old fashioned caning to electrifying My subjects under interrogation I indulge in most niceties - as I am sure you will find out. I also enjoy Dinner & Dominance - dining then a session or vice versa.

Conducting BDSM & fetish play in a fully equipped dungeon in Central London, sessions can be booked by the hour - with a reduction in tribute the more hours booked. Note: I require a deposit for all bookings - this is due to time and wasters of it.

Exercising My dominant self is always a pleasure and I enjoy nothing more than holding all the power - it will be the only option once you are in my presence. Unless W/we have had the discussion through email prior to the session, it (the discussion) will take place once you enter the dungeon, with questions from Myself and an opportunity for you to tell Me about your submissive tendencies and your limits.

Role-play is one of My fortes - channeling My dominance through a character and/or a scene makes My day. Whether it be the cruel consultant, an interrogating hit woman, an Amazonian warrior, comic book villainess or an astute, power hungry business woman you'll find that I'm expert at pulling it all off and having My wicked way with your sorry person. Scripts, alike, are something that I embrace and execute easily - so make My day and in it you will find your true place.

My list is extensive (see my website) but those pastimes at the top include:

anything forced
blackmail & coercion
breath play
CBT (incl., ballkicking/busting)
CP (as self/mother/aunt/Head Mistress)
financial domination
golden showers
humiliation & degradation (verbal & physical)
making you cry (dacryphilia)
medical play (see my medical page)
orgasm denial & control
puppy play
slave training

It would be true to say that I love nothing more than a novice however know that all of you, novice or experienced player, will be putty in My hands.

And, if you regard yourself as a fetishist or masochist rather than a submissive or slave then you may still apply but know that I will lead the session and will require deference at all times.

On that note - read My contact page before you get in touch and in your approach do not just ask Me if I am available; use manners, tell Me first of the nature of your enquiry, your experience level and then ask My availability - in that order. Address Me as Mistress - there is nothing more off puting, than "Hi, are you available?". I am not under pretension, I am very real, I am a Dominatrix, so show Me respect and I may then help you see you out the perversions that pervade your mind and body.

Finally, coming into professional Mistressing as a lifestyle Domme I do not offer personal services (sex of any form) or intimate body worship. Perverse games & play will be all you need, trust Me on that.

I hope to show the way sometime very soon. Don't be too scared, let the games begin. why don't you?!

Cruel love,
The Cruel Adventuress

Contact: [email protected]

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