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Jasmine Jeune-Soie
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Hello Devotee

I’m your mixed cocktail of seduction & mystique. A central London based paramour with a taste for taking charge. I offer a unique & authentic, gently dominant experience for men, women & non binary souls. Firm yet elegant Everything goes my way, it’s the only option once you step into my realm. I’m naturally resolute & dominant & always subtly leading from behind. I have a particular love of “Acts of service” & I acquire your devotion for my own pleasure & at my convenience. Submission should come as natural to you as dominance does to me.

I am deeply driven to nurture those who are in search of a kinky but safe space & above all i aim to impart a genuine & honest connection.I am best suited to souls who love unique experiences attention to detail, & seek to enjoy relinquishing control. Let me bewitch you with my curves, hold your gaze with my chestnut eyes & trace masterpieces on my silky skin.

I know you’re more than intrigued by now, so head over to peruse my website fully & spark a conversation.

See you soon darlings! Jasmine x “

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