Jasmine Jeune-Soie
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Hello Devotee

I’m your mixed cocktail of seduction & mystique. A central London based paramour with a taste for taking charge. I offer a unique & authentic, gently dominant experience for men, women & non binary souls. Firm yet elegant Everything goes my way, it’s the only option once you step into my realm. I’m naturally resolute & dominant & always subtly leading from behind. I have a particular love of “Acts of service” & I acquire your devotion for my own pleasure & at my convenience. Submission should come as natural to you as dominance does to me.

I am deeply driven to nurture those who are in search of a kinky but safe space & above all i aim to impart a genuine & honest connection.I am best suited to souls who love unique experiences attention to detail, & seek to enjoy relinquishing control. Let me bewitch you with my curves, hold your gaze with my chestnut eyes & trace masterpieces on my silky skin.

I know you’re more than intrigued by now, so head over to peruse my website fully & spark a conversation.

See you soon darlings! Jasmine x “

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Mistress Ebony Reine
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Hello I am Mistress Ebony Reine , a London based Ebony Mistress and Domme Companion with curves , charm and wit I enjoy tormenting and teasing gentleman who have kinks/fetishes . I can be cruel and demanding or add an element of sensuality to a session or a date . With me you will know your place and you will only receive once chance with me .

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Mistress Sabine Noire
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Are you ready? Do you have what it takes to be mentally and physically driven to your boundaries and limits? Will you assume your role and duty—which is to worship, honor, desire, and submit?

I am a 5’11 tall, statuesque, buxom, full-figured Ebony American Domme located in Cambridgeshire.

I am an educated professional who has decided to lean into my dominant urges and feelings of superiority.

I adore all the varieties and forms that power-exchange play entails. I find it thoroughly cathartic and therapeutic. I enjoy crafting creative sessions and play-scenarios that will leave you and I both fulfilled and craving for more.

In terms of my style, I can be sweetly sadistic to sternly sensual. It depends on your request, depends on my mood—and let’s not forget, the scenario. It will be fascinating to see the outcome of that syncretism, will it not?

I am an avid believer in female superiority and when I’m done with you—you will be too.

Let’s negotiate your surrender, service, and submission, shall we?

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Ava Black
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Elite Findom Mistress and Chastity Keyholder Mistress Ava Black welcomes you to take your place at her feet.

She regularly travels across the UK on tour and is available with notice for international outcalls. Details of all these can be found through her website.
She is available to novices and seasoned players alike, and has the intuition to be able to discover what you truly need. Nourishment for your kinky desires, to know her is to love her. To love her is to be consumed wholly by her in sweetest surrender.

Find out for yourself why it is your destiny to serve this Ebony Queen.

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Check what dates Mistress will be in a city near you through her website.

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