Empress Hera
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I am Empress Hera, A Strict, exacting, sensual and sadistic Femme Fatale with a cruel playful sense of humour and a deviant imagination.

Join me in my luxurious, fully equipped, spacious private play space, where I provide an all encompassing experience.

Be prepared to be totally dominated and enslaved when you enter my chamber. I will sadistically delight in using a variety of methods ranging from mild tie and tease to severe corporal punishment and electrics that will bring you to your knees before me. Power exchange is everything to me and the control I have over those who willingly serve and suffer to please me is exhilarating. From sissy training and foot worship to extended bondage and breath play. I truly delight in your pain and humiliation as well as your eagerness to please.

I am a Lady who loves to tease the best out of those I play with be they first explorers or experienced adventurers.

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