Queen Delicious & Empress Savannah

Empress Savannah and Queen Delicious have come together for an exclusively limited time only.
To offer our subjects the chance to indulge in our presence and be able to worship two queens at once experiencing double trouble with double the pain and double the pleasure.
We are two extra tasty curvy Queens UK size 24 and size 20 who love nothing more than squashing our subjects into total euphoria or whipping them into shape. So if your looking to worship a new Queen and Empress look no further.
We cater to all fetishes for example
Humiliation and so on

Just to clarify there is no intercourse that takes place.

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South London Domina/Mistress. Im based in Herne Hill i practice from my domestic dungeon. I love CP sessions just as much as domination and fetishes. I enjoy slaves and submissives to want to give themselves to me, i'm not interested in fighting for your submission. I enjoy what i do and i want you to feel the same. Tell me your secrets your fantasies, fetishes and desires. I have been interested in domination for many years and enjoy most aspects of it. I love the fact i can use you for my pleasure and i know you are loving it. I consider myself as an experimental person and is open to new kinks and fetishes. My world of domination is there to take you on a journey and feel the wicked spell of my dominance.


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