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kountess Von Kink
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Brighton Dominatrix
Foot Goddess Fetish Actress Femme Fatale Taboo Breaker Sissy Coach International Dominatrix Mature Mistress StepMother Seductress

My name is Kountess Von Kink, you may address me as Kountess, Mistress, Goddess or Queen. I am an Elite British Dominatrix. Glamorous, Seductive, Alpha, Kinky. A bohemian free spirit and the personification of the playful but dangerous Femme Fatale. At a young age I discovered my Fierce Femininity enabled me to torment boys for my own amusement. As the years progressed it became obvious I was superior to males and would rule over them. To influence and manipulate them for my benefit and their own good was clearly my calling.

If you are imagining me to be a stereotypical Mistress, a cold cruel Bitch who only wants to hurt and humiliate you, think again. BDSM is only a fraction of my repertoire. Yes, I demand to be in charge and you must surrender and do as I say, but time spent with me is playtime and in my sessions I’m sensual and playful as much as I’m sadistic.

As much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress using my acting skills to create Role plays that feel authentic. A Lifestyle Foot Goddess with a passion for foot worship. A sissy coach who can totally feminize you as well as a Therapist who will help you accept your desires are not shameful and it’s good for your emotional well-being to explore them.

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