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Mistress Trixi
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Welcome to My Twisted Wonderland
Do You Dare Dive Down the Rabbit Hole into a Wonderland of Pain and Pleasure!

A Little About Me:

I have been in to BDSM Lifestyle for nearly 10 years now.

I enjoy all types of play and am forever expanding my knowledge. Which in turn helps my sessions be more personal and professional.

When I Domme, I am strict but fair, I am playful in my sessions, but I do not switch in them.

​I am first and foremost a Sadist, but I will never push you beyond the limits to which we have agreed upon.

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07548 913908
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Mistress Sukhy
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I am a Glasgow based professional Dominatrix with over 16 years in the UK BDSM scene.
I am transgender, and a true Amazon, standing at 6 foot 1 in my bare feet, weighing 69kg, and coming in at a size 10/12.
Having been educated at private-school in the Home Counties, my mind is a devious smorgasbord of intrigue, with an acerbic wit to match.
If deemed worthy, you can look forward to unparalleled sessions where we explore the darkest recesses of your mind.

I primarily specialise in sharps play
I have a particular taste for inserting needles into necks and faces.
A safe sharp policy is STRICTLY enforced, and depending on pre-existing medical conditions, you may be refused.
I also run beginner and advanced sharps play workshops – if you are interested in hosting one of these, please get in touch.
I am also adept at impact play, with an extensive selection of implements to inflict upon you, and can offer hypnosis.
You will find me more than accommodating of most other kinks.
I have the services of two willing subs to call upon, if you would prefer to submit in a duo or trio scenario.
I do NOT engage in financial domination (FinDom), but expect you to purchase any objects for your individual use e.g. collars and chastity.
Voluntary gifts, or tribute, however, are always welcome.

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07727 607160
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