judicial punishment

Miss Buffy Brown
Mistress Name: Miss Buffy Brown

My name is Mistress Buffy Brown and I have been a CP practitioner and reformer of behaviour, using negative reinforcement techniques for 7 years. There are many reasons why Corporal Punishment is sought after as a form of fetish/kink. I find the correlation between receiving CP at a young age and seeking it at a later age is, very prevalent. The scenarios vary from:
•Seeking a Headmistress to administer the notorious ‘6 of the best’ and have your transgressions scrutinised, and then dealt with only in a way, the headmistress can.

•How about visiting your Aunty, Aunty Bea in this instance. You do remember that unpleasant glare she would fire your way? And the sting of the slipper or hairbrush on a bare bottom.

•Other more fantasy based scenarios, include scorned wife, Lady of the Manor and Police/Prison officer.

Mistress Website Address: http://missbuffybrown.com/
Mistress Phone Number : 07958138866