Domina Jemma
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Stunning and sensually sadistic professional Dominatrix with 22 years international experience, I have my own fully equipped, professional, discrete and private dungeon in central Swansea, and am frequently available in London, Birmingham and Derby.

* Rope / Predicament Bondage & Suspensions * Chemical Intox & Heavy Breath Play / Control * Extended Caging / Imprisonment
* all forms of anal play from beginner to extreme including fisting & extreme stretching & depth training (I have gigantic Hankeys!)
* Electric Induction Play * Heavy CP * Sissification * Edging / Milking & Tie N Tease * Water Sports * Needle Play & Sounding
* all forms of foot worship including Foot Jobs & Trampling with a collection of over 300 shoes & boots for the heel fetishists
* Intimate Ass Worship * Leather Worship * Long Nail Worship * Glove and Nylon worship * Humiliation

I do not accept sessions of scat, adult babies or fantasy wrestling, I will not conduct sessions to such an extremity that it results in permanent bodily damage or requires you to seek medical attention afterwards.

I am extremely well versed at introducing newbies to this world, and while I appreciate that I come across as very intimidating I am actually a very warm and open person who always respects your boundaries, limits and capabilities and can introduce you to this world in a gentle manner that is appropriate for your level of experience, so please don't be (too) scared!

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