Mistress Serena Silk
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Some of us are not like the others. There lies within us a deep and aching need to fulfil roles so innate, so carnal that we have no option other than to seek them out.

In these beginnings, we’re not so different. However, that is where our paths divide, my own leading me to the blissful realms of domination, and yours, to the ecstatic depths of submission.

You, and many like you, have secreted away your primal needs, willing them to dwindle perhaps, before finally seeking out what you truly need. The adrenaline is addictive, isn’t it sub?

And now your search has led you here, to the soft, arched feet of Mistress Serena Silk. Kneel, sub, for here the softness may end, and your journey into the raptures of true submission awaits…

I believe in the extraordinary value of building true connection and solid relationships with my submissive and the gifts that we can bring to one another, both in psychological and physical exploration and self-acceptance.

I find it immensely satisfying to guide those who seek genuine servitude under myself as their dominant, and relish nothing more than the freedom to creatively explore the realms of yourself that you secret away from others.

What you will find in me as your Mistress is the prized inviting acceptance of your entire being, kinks and curiosities, delivered with an edge as soft or as sharp as required.

With true submission comes true surrender, of course bound by the virtues of safe, sane and consensual play.

What I expect from my submissive is honesty, trust and respect, I tolerate nothing less. I believe in balance and will offer the privileged few whose submission I accept the safety to explore your deepest desires, the broadening of your boundaries, and the respect for your limitations to remain unbreached.

To apply for a session:
Contact me via the contact form on my site, or email me.
Address me as “Mistress/Mistress Serena”, ensure you have read the FAQs on my website and that your communication is polite and concise.


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Mistress Of Desire
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am the Mistress of Desire, an exceptionally exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, high class dominatrix. I am the elite mistress of BDSM and domination. I find myself naturally dominant with a flair and passion for feminising, degrading, and dominating in many ways and means.

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Ladi Vermin
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Queen of Fetish