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Mistress Kidnap
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Over 9 years ago I took My passion for role play and created a Kidnap site for those who seek the thrill and adventure of being snatched by a beautiful Dominant woman and used and abused beyond your wildest imagination.

I have carried out Kidnap scenarios from nearly every town in the UK, my victims have also had me seek them out in Spain, France, Greece and Amsterdam.

I offer both indoor and outdoor scenarios and if you go to My scenario page this will give you an insight to some of the kidnap scenarios I have carried out before. If you read My blog you will read about the scenarios I have recently carried out.

I take this very seriously and aim for you to have as realistic scenario as possible - My victims do end up bound and gagged in the boot of My car. If you are looking for a experience like never before then you have indeed come to the right place.

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