Peacock Parlour

Sir Claire Black hoodie
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You can address me as Sir Claire. I have been a professional Dominatrix as well as lifestyle pervert for nearly 10 years and have developed a unique and inimitable style.

A BDSM session with me is not a theatrical performance. I wont use clichéd lines or follow any predictable script. Each encounter is a unique expression of our intimate connection. Whether you’re a submissive, a masochist, a fetishist or a bottom, you can lose yourself for a time in my world and return better for it.

Creating and manipulating your reactions brings me pleasure; your tremble as I gently stroke your inner thigh, your pained shift as I draw out your darkest secrets. Your screams, moans, writhing, twitching and panting. Your discomfort only feeds my smile.

I session from my unique dungeon, The Peacock Parlour, or offer domestic sessions in Finsbury Park

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