Mistress Nina
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Are you ready to please me?! Are you ready to do my bidding, you’d better be, otherwise I’ll have to punish you?! I expect you to worship my feet. I’ll restrain you and torture you as I please, blindfolding you so you are totally under my power and don’t know what’s coming, (and no ‘coming’ unless Mistress permits it?!) You are my plaything and only fit to worship and obey this beautiful Mistress if I allow it. Nipple clamping, foot worship, spanking, restraint, punishment with my riding crop and especially my little pinwheel are just some of the ways Mistress will use you for her amusement?! I expect to be treated as the wonderful Mistress that I am and to this end, displays of adoration are always welcome and will be met with your favourite form of torture! Of course, there’s more, and I could go on but a Mistress doesn’t give away all her secrets, that’s for me to know and you to find out?!

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