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Madam Helle
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I am Madam Helle, an established London Mistress with extensive experience. I am best known for my rigorous and traditional approach to sub training - for those brave enough, there is no other experience like it.

I welcome both experienced and new submissives, because wherever you are on your journey, you undoubtedly have much to learn. Meet me at my personal dungeon in Paddington and be prepared to be brought to your knees. While you are down there, I will help to unlock your true potential, introducing you to my unique world of pain, pleasure, devotion and servitude.

I have a divine and delectably curvaceous figure, with naturally very large breasts, and a body that is supple and flexible from my daily yoga practice. One look and you will be desperate to please me - whether you are up to the task will be for me to decide.

I enjoy getting to know my subs on a personal level, to find out what drives you and to effectively mould you into the perfect submissive. For this reason, I am always open to receiving requests from those looking to build a deeper connection based on D/s dynamics.

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