Trampling Queen

Mistress Pantera
Mistress Name

Mature experienced ebony Goddess,  recently relocated from Germany to the West Midlands.
I am a London Mistress and since my move and the lockdown I withdrew myself from the scene.

Take a look at my site, I am a classic Mistress, firm yet elegant and authoritive. Everything goes my way, its the only way once you step into my world. I am well spoken soft but firm undertones to my voice. Tall stunning and voluptuous. Extremely well endowed on top. I have long firm athletic strong smooth legs. Put your head between them and I will crush you. My beautifully curved derrière is soft to the touch but when I smother you, I'll hold you till you gasp for your last pitiful  breath, or that's how you'd believe it. The smothering Goddess. Maybe I shall discipline you and put you over my knee and give you 10 of the best. My hand is heavy and unapologetic.  I am quite specific in my endeavours, I do not accommodate everything.

Don't get it twisted,


That is NOT what BDSM is about.

You will become my little slut, I will force you to become feminine. Just for me.

I am now available for sessions (OUTCALLS AND STUDIOS ONLY)

A confirmation booking fee of £30 is required to weed out the serious from the timewasters. Then on the actual day you will balance me. We can discuss my tribute when you speak to me and tell me about your pitiful self. I am terribly discreet so you won't find me everywhere. I am not into video clips or semi porn videos like what some of these Mistresses do. What we do is between us and the four walls.

Put your request forward and if it is to my liking, I might accept.

Ask for an audience with me.

Your Divine
Mistress Pantera

P.S To show ME you have read my complete profile and UNDERSTOOD it, when you address me, start with.


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07718 301 941 WhatsApp ONLY