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A mistress who loves to Trample / squash/Impact play/ foot and shoe worship/arse and pussy worship/wrestle/lift

I love watching you turn red and shake under my weight.Its especially nice when your eyes start to go bloodshot! I trample as hard as you want me to ,maybe a little more ?!

Iam a 25st 6ft godess.You must adore my body as much as i do.

I have another BBW Mistress Tara who i work with when requested.

£100 ph For just me.

£180ph with Mistress Tara.

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Goddess Anastaxia
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No matter what your kink or fetish is, no matter what level you have played at, no matter if you are a pure masochist or a gentle sissy boy, no matter how buried or secret your desires are, Goddess Anastaxia will find them, she will use them, she will exploit them and she will exceed them.

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