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Mistress Rhianne
Mistress Name

Past My seductive glasses, captivating green eyes and sardonic smile, lies a natural and sophisticated Dominatrix. Impeccably dressed and well spoken, My cute looks will lure you in. My intelligent mind will find it’s way into yours, and I will know what truly makes you tick. You will be under My thumb within seconds, intoxicating your mind, and captivating your attention forever.

BDSM & Fetish is My Passion. I love nothing more than getting creative and connecting with My true core. Playing with men’s desires, bodies and egos. I indulge in my Dominant nature through the D/s power exchange. I cherish mental connection, I want you to be excited by exciting Me through offering yourself to Me, for my amusement.

I dominate with a smile. I don’t need to shout to be dominant, communicating through facial expressions, eye contact and body language, is enough to compel you to obey. I am fierce, yet empathetic, and often tender. I take great pleasure leading you through your journey into submission. Whether you are a curious novice or a well-experienced player. I will show you my world of BDSM, respectful of your limits and ensuring our play is consensual, safe and sane. I simply ask for your honesty and openness. A realistic explanation of your limits, limits that are understood and always respected. We can experiment with those limits. Push your boundaries, with My encouragement, you will finally be able to embrace your true self and indulge in your kinks.

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