Domination Under ‘Lock-Down’ by Mistress Carly

With the current unprecedented restrictions due to the dreaded Covid-19 virus, offering one-to-one sessions has become all but impossible for the past few months!  Of course, many Dominatrix (including Myself) have offered on-line video sessions via SKYPE or ZOOM but whilst many Mistresses continue to have to suspend all ‘live’ activities, I am pleased to now be able to offer appointments for sessions once again.  The reason for this is that I have My own totally secluded outdoor playroom area at My country home which is perfect for conducting sessions in a safe environment!

My outdoor play-area is accessed directly from My playroom, so virtually all of My usual equipment is available for use – along with a selection of additional apparatus exclusive to the outdoor area.  The main play area is a large patio area with a sturdy purpose-built pergola above – to which I have had numerous strong steel fixing loops attached which are perfect for attaching ropes or chains to hold slaves securely in place ready for My attentions!  I also have an outdoor shower that is perfect for hosing-down slaves following ‘water-sports’ or toilet activities and one of My favourite pieces of outdoor equipment is an old wooden ladder that I favour securing a slave to ready to receive whatever punishment it may please Me to administer.

Should I decide that I wish to take a break, then I have a strong chain hanging from a sturdy branch of an huge oak tree at the bottom of My garden where I can secure a naked slave to keep him out of mischief until I am ready to return and use or abuse him again.  Mind you, I have to be mindful not to let it slip My mind that I have strung-up a naked slave down there, or he could be there for hours before I remember!

But what if it rains?’ I hear you ask.  Well fear not, as I always keep a totally clear PVC raincoat with hood to hand which I can don to keep Me dry should the heavens open.  The advantage is that My slave can still admire My firm, lithe naked body through the wet plastic whilst stay perfectly dry – although he of course will be naked without the protection of the plastic, so will get very wet indeed! (lol).  In the winter months I enjoy slipping on my full-length (faux) fur coat and dragging a naked slave out into the freezing air for a sound thrashing.  Apparently a whipping is even more painful for the poor recipient in freezing weather – which just makes it all the more amusing for Me; although working-up a sweat with My whip or tawse usually results in Me opening My fur coat – which in turn results in My slave becoming erect without permission then leading to even more punishment being required.  A deliciously satisfying and highly amusing ‘vicious-circle’, I think you’d have to agree?!

So, with the backlog of slaves all yearning to visit and submit themselves to Me, having been unable to do so for several months, I am anticipating a very busy summer – how wonderful!  Now that ‘social-distancing’ has been reduced from two metres to one, I will not have to restrict myself to using My long riding-switches – welcome news for many of My slaves no doubt as the long whips are particularly vicious!  I have honed My accuracy skills to be able to deliver a stinging blow to almost any part of a slave’s naked body – although I particularly enjoy using the scrotum for ‘target-practice’ as it is so exquisitely sensitive and so produces the most extreme reactions when ‘stimulated’ in this way! (lol)

So, if the idea of being totally naked outdoors whilst at the mercy of a powerful, demanding & beautiful Dominatrix who delights in using & abusing men as Her plaything appeals to you, I shall anticipate receipt of your application for an audience very soon!

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