Keeping men in chastity to help train them

Keeping men in chastity for all our benefit

We all know keeping men in chastity is a must for helping with their training, in becoming better subs, better husbands and better boyfriends. But in the article I want to explore why keeping the men locked away in chastity on a long term basis, also increases their submission and therefore their happiness. Chastity can also increase their sexual pleasure as well obviously as the mistress.

We all know that male chastity often starts with it being a fantasy of the male submissive or submissive husband. They will even very often buy their own chastity device, with the lady who is they key holder being very much persuaded to take charge of the males chastity device and therefore his cock and his ability to cum, when and where.

But very often the lady sees the real benefits of keeping him in chastity. A man kept in chastity can concentrate on other things. Obviously a male in chastity make better lovers as they can totally concentrate on the ladies pleasure, rather than his own selfish needs. But it doesn’t stop in the bedroom. A man who isn’t constantly thinking about having sex can spend his time doing other chores, which help to make his mistress, wife or girlfriend’s life easier.

Often when the lady of the female lead relationship, whether that be his mistress, wife or girlfriend, is finally maximizing the real benefits of her sub in chastity, the sub after fulfilling his chastity fantasy will want to be unlocked and set free to continue as before. This is when the dominant lady is at a real crossroads in their sub, dom relationship. Should she let him out at this point, the real benefits of male chastity would not have been realized for both of them.

The only way long term male chastity can work in a female lead relationship, is that the dominant female must now take the lead fully. Her taking the lead fully and not allowing the male out is the only way long term chastity can work for them both. She mustn’t let them out and I’ll explain why.

stainless steel male chastity device


Male chastity In the bedroom for the benefit of the lady

The typical male of the species masturbates way more than they would ever admit to the female of the species and when they are not masturbating they are thinking about sex. It is all they are programmed to do. By keeping him locked up he can solely concentrate on your sexual pleasure. Not only does he have his hands free, by being denied the male in chastity can fully concentrate on your pleasure. He isn’t so distracted and as your pleasure is the only pleasure he gets, your pleasure becomes his pleasure. When the male is driven mad by desire and the need for sexual release, their is no limit to what he will do to please, especially if he thinks, rightly or wrongly, that he may be allowed out of chastity and allowed some sexual relief. All your dirty fantasies ladies, can be realized.

Male chastity in the bedroom for the benefit of the man

Having your man locked away in chastity will increase his libido and when you do allow him out of his chastity device to cum, albeit not too regular, his climax will be so much more intense. Which he will crave and so again it will make him both more submissive and willing to please, with the chance of such an experience in the future. Though I suggest not allowing him to cum too often.

But a man can cum without even being allowed out of chastity

Now, denial of sex for the male is obvious for most ladies, though some ladies who are married to their submissive or indeed have a more casual relationship with their submissive may still enjoy having normal sexual intercourse with the male slave. But there is another option that lots of dominant ladies choose, that is never have sex with him. They choose to have sex with alpha males only, or maybe not at all, but never with the submissive man.

The sub male often gets his relief taking the chastity device off and he is allowed maybe to cum elsewhere, sometimes in front of his mistress, maybe on her shoes, maybe on the floor, maybe he is made to clean up the mess with his tongue. There really are no limits and the only limits are the dominant lady’s imagination.

But the other way is to never allow the male out of his chastity device and, while he is locked fuck him with a strap-on. It has the added benefit of also humiliating the male further, when he realizes he can only cum by being pegged by the dominant lady.

A man can get release from pegging because of his prostate. It is called prostate milking and it is most definitely an option and does work when the dominant female fucks the male with her strap-on. It may not work the first time, it may not even happen for a while. But if the male is kept in chastity for prolonged periods eventually he will be able to cum from receiving anal sex alone. This on my opinion the pinnacle of sex for the male and the female and once a man knows he is never allowed out of chastity and the only sexual gratification he gets from sex is through pegging, he will be more content and more compliant.

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The benefits of chastity out of the bedroom

The benefits of chastity out of the bedroom is two fold. Firstly as previously discussed the male of the species spends far too much time concentrating on both masturbation and thoughts of sex. Chastity gives him the freedom to concentrate of other pursuits, like housework, DIY, working. Generally making his dominant lady more comfortable.

Secondly you have a great way to change his behavior, as you can threaten to male to keep him locked for longer or not letting him cum at all. Both a stick and a carrot as it were.